Thank You

For several years now Vincent, with the help of private donors, has worked tirelessly to create opportunities for children in Kenya. The generosity of these individuals, and being able to witness first-hand its results serves as the inspiration of KSKE.

Orphans’ Heroes
KSKE is so grateful for the continued partnership with Jennifer Millett-Barrett, Orphan’s Heroes. She also shared many of her wonderful images on this site.

Lawson-Shelbred family
As the principal sponsor of the clean water project, Catherine Lawson has changed the lives of the inhabitants of Shihalia, by providing a well and electric pump. We also thank her children Liz and Perry for their energy and enthusiasm.

Millett-Barrett family
We thank them for their time, energy and goodwill.

John Jay High School
The World Awareness Program (SWAP) and the Environmental Club hosted an awareness and fundraising concert.

Increase Miller Elementary
Students embraced a bake sale for the cause.

Pine Walk Fair, Fair Harbor
Residents and visitors donated generously, and left with t-shirts and wristbands to raise awareness of the cause. Alice and Charlie Stewart organized a highly successful fundraiser. The community donated generously, and left with t-shirts and wristbands to raise awareness of the cause

This site was made possible with the help of many people. To each and all thank-you. 
In particular, we would like to mention Kim Kullmer, who helped with the design and programming, Jennifer Millett-Barrett who shot and provided the main images on the site, and the children of Shihalia Primary School who provided the inspiration.

walking back from river

This site is dedicated to the memory of
Agnes Mutambi Ichingwa and Finny Muyeshi,
who selflessly worked to help the children of Kenya.